Purelight XD

Purelight XD

Premium UV-C Light sterilizer Wand

XXL Disinfection Device, sterilizer with The Germ-Killing Effect of 253.7 nm UV-C Radiation (with UV Band Pass Filter)


ORIGINAL Enputech Purelight from AGETECH GmbH.
Whether in battery or mains operation, it is light, easy-to-handle and can be used anywhere.
The short-wave 253.7 nm UV-C radiation kills germs (and bacteria), which is why it is used to sterilise and disinfect surfaces, vegetables, fruits, etc., not to mention air and water.


REGISTERED with the GERMAN ear electronic waste equipment register and as a manufacturer in accordance with § 3(9) of the ElektroG (Act on the placing on the market, take-back and environmentally-sound disposal of electrical and electronic equipment). WEEE Reg. no. DE 19272001. The Purelight XD has a special UV filter. The filter reduces unnecessary UV light and, for reasons of safety, reduces the power not needed. It reduces reflection in order to protect users against UV light.


The effectiveness was confirmed by the following institutes and labs:
USA: QLAB Environmental Microbiology;
Japan: Kitasato Research Center of Environmental Sciences;
Italy: The University of Milan;
Korea: FITI Testing and Research Institute.
Depending on irradiance and time, it kills up to 99.99% of germs.

germ-killing effect

How UV-C disinfection works:
The germ-killing effect of short-wave UV-C radiation is attributed to the absorption of this radiation by nucleic acids (DNA, RNA) in the cell nucleus. In the cell nucleus, the UV-C radiation triggers a photochemical reaction that changes the nucleic acid structure of micro-organisms.
Cell division and multiplication are no longer possible.
UV-C radiation can therefore be used to remove germs from surfaces, water and air.



Are you looking for an effective yet gentle way to sanitize?

Purelight will help you do just that. The short-wave 253.7 nm UV-C radiation intensively kills germs (and bacteria), which is why it is used to sterilise and disinfect surfaces, vegetables, fruits, etc., not to mention air and water. It can also reduce or prevent bed bugs as it destroys the eggs of mites, lice, fleas and other bed bugs.

Does this sound familiar?

– Are you looking for a way to protect yourself against bacteria, viruses, yeasts and mould?
– And you only want to use products that have been tested?
– Are you looking for something that is fast-acting and that won’t damage surfaces?
– Do you want the best possible quality?

Look no further! AGETECH has just what you’re looking for: the Purelight!

UV-C disinfection is used in medical facilities, labs, hospitals, clinics, medical practices, schools, kindergartens, nursing homes, offices and in private households. The best part is: unlike chemical disinfectants and antibiotics, micro-organisms can't become resistant to UV-C rays.
Your benefits!
  • No chemical residue
  • No damage to the surfaces treated
  • Even suitable for larger surfaces and air
  • Special UV band pass filter provides 10-times more protection than unshielded UV devices
  • As a result, UV-C with 253.7 nm is green, clean and efficient
More special characteristics
  •  8-watt UV-C lamp with germ-killing (bactericidal) effect
  • convenient, portable sterilizer with battery-powered and mains operation
  • LED display
  • Easy to use
  • 100% ozone and chemical-free

Possible applications of the Purlight XD